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Backrest adjustment Office Chair Avantika Manager Mesh 300 LB(Black)


  • Height adjustment  – Yes
  • Seat depth adjustment – Yes
  • Backrest angle adjustment – No
  • Armrest adjustment – Yes
  • Headrest adjustment – No
  • Lumbar support adjustment – Yes

Avantika Backrest adjustment Office Chair

Office Chair Adjustments

Establish the height of your workstation. These allow adjustments simply by pulling upwards one click at a time. How to adjust chair back support, how to adjust office chair for lower back pain,

How to adjust tilt tension on chair

adjustable office chair


20 in stock (can be backordered)

SKU: AV19213 Category:
Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 10 × 26 in
Product Type

Manager Chair





Office Chair Back Material

Faux Leather

Office Chair Seat Material

Faux Leather



Lumbar Support


Avantika Backrest adjustment Office Chair

How to adjust a Backrest adjustable office chair. If you regularly work or study at a computer, you need an office chair that is properly adjusted to your body to prevent back pain and other problems.

Proper adjustment of the office chair. In order to correctly set up an office chair, you first need to sit in it and feel whether you are comfortable. But comfort isn’t everything. It is important to pay attention to each of the following points in turn … It is desirable that the back of the seated person fully touches the back of the chair. It is necessary that the arms, bent at the elbows at a right angle, only lightly touch the armrests. The monitor of the personal computer should be at the level of the user’s eyes. Sitting in an office chair every day doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. If at the end of the working day pain and fatigue are felt in the back, arms, or neck, then the chair is not set up exactly.



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